South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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Find a baby bird or baby mammal?  Click on Baby Birds 101, above or go to the "More" tab (top right and click on Cottontails 101 for advice on what you should know before calling us - and whether you should intervene - or not.

"Baby Season" will start in the next few weeks, bringing in scores of baby mammals, and soon thereafter, hundreds of orphaned, injured and displaced baby songbirds - and bird of prey chicks. Animals are pairing up and thinking about raising their families once spring arrives.

Many young animals run into trouble because of predators, foul weather,  lawnmowers, tree pruners, weed-eaters, dogs and roaming cats.

SPWRC needs volunteers every day of the year! Click on the Volunteer Opportunities tab above  or below for more information. If you're a mom or dad and would like to help supervise our Junior Volunteers this summer, call Gail Barnes at the center at 806 799-2142. Help us help them!

Can you help us raise some non-native bird

species this summer?

"Non-natives" are species brought here from Europe. These include the House (English) Sparrow, European Starling and pigeons. Our volunteers will teach you how to feed these birds, supply the food and give you the cages and equipment you need. We’ll take care of releasing the birds from our aviaries on site you raise once they are self-feeding. Call Gail or Daniel for more information at 806 799-2142.  

(Juvenile European Starling photo credit: Lincoln Karim, NYC, NY).

Wildlife Center receives $8,200 from Ruth Wright Endowment Fund for Animals

      On March 3, the Wildlife Center received a call from the Lubbock Area Foundation asking us to attend a Press Conference the following day.

      Gail Barnes and Carol Lee went to the Foundation’s headquarters at 2 PM, where checks totaling $32,000 were awarded to seven local animal care organizations. Six of the awards were allocations from the Ruth Wright Endowment for Animals and the Jimmie Nelson Endowment.

       SPWRC was awarded $8,200.00, earmarked for food, supplies and veterinary care and expenses. These funds enable us to concentrate our efforts and resources on our Mission -- and not constant fundraising, which was, for many years, the key to keeping our doors open. With financial help from Grantors the past few years, our focus can remain on our service to wildlife and the communities we assist. We are all sincerely grateful for this gift!


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