South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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   Baby Bird Season is Here!

   If you find a baby bird, PLEASE take a few minutes to read "Baby Birds 101" above, before calling or coming to the Wildlife Center.  The article is at the top of this page on the left. Please rescue, when necessary and don't kidnap healthy youngsters!

Our (wild Barn Owls) owl cam is streaming live now on - to see it, put SouthPlains Wildlife Center in the search bar or the link: 

Reported by KLBK-TV after our recent storm and hail event: (Edited by Carol Lee)

LUBBOCK, Texas - Many on the South Plains are making repairs to their windshields and roofs following the large hail that occurred Saturday evening. Local wildlife was also impacted by the severe weather. Staff and volunteers at SPWRC have been working overtime and are trying to keep up with the dozens of stranded or injured animals brought to the center. Staff members explained that severe weather will drastically change an animal's life or could be fatal. Over the weekend, the center took in several deceased birds, victims of the large hail. When safe to do so, it's important to help if possible.  "We're expecting more rain and who knows what's going to happen, but with each storm we get more and more species admitted. People often don't think about what these storm do to their wildlife and their nests," explained Gail Barnes, Executive Director of the center, who said nearly 40 animals were brought in Sunday alone, and they have not stopped coming in.

Due to the several animals being dropped off, the center is now working to try and replenish supplies as quickly as possible. "We are depleting our resources, we desperately need paper towels.  Of course we need monetary donations to buy more supplies and formulas." Though mostly small birds, community members have also been bringing in animals separated from their mothers such as opossums, ducklings, squirrels and rabbits. Gail Barnes shared that it's important to drop off the animals properly at the drop off station. The drop off station is located at 3308 95th Street, and is open 24/7. To drop off an injured or abandoned animal, carefully try to put them in a box with air holes and make sure it's as dark, warm and quiet as possible.

When you enter the drop off station, a buzzer will go off alerting  our staff that an animal is currently being brought in. Call us if you need more information!806-799-2142.

Plan a Birthday Party at SPWRC!
Click on "More" on the toolbar on upper right, and scroll down to see several pages with Birthday Party information! Give the staff plenty of notice so they will be available and not off-site doing education programs.



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Volunteer Opportunities above

We're open 24/7 and every day of the year from early morning until dusk. Things slow down in fall, but  we always need volunteers for animal care, housekeeping and yard work. Call us at 799-2142 if you have  even a few hours you can donate to help wildlife!

Our  interns made an Instagram!

 It's @southplainswildlife, and we'll be posting photos and videos of the animals that come in, along with our ambassadors so everyone will be able able to view them!