South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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Volunteer Barry Johnson feeds two of our 

five deer fawns in early August.

Barry and his wife Sheila do virtually all the

 care and feeding of our Mule and 

White-tailed Deer fawns for the past several years, and eventually facilitate a soft release 

back into the wild.

We thank you for the TLC you give 

all these animals!


If you'd like to volunteer and are 18 years or older - or would like to be a Junior Volunteer - (age 12 - 17please download and fill out the following 


before coming in:


Adult Volunteer Information

Adult Waiver

JV Application

JV Waiver

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Policies

Call Gail Barnes if you would like to volunteer or have  

court -ordered 'Community Service' hours to fulfill

806 799-2142



Our busiest seasons are spring and summer, but we need volunteers year-round!