South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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Our Wish List

Gift Cards: PetsMart, United/Market Street grocery, Staples or other Office Supply stores,

Wal-Mart,  Sam’s Club and Costco, Postage Stamps, first class/ postcard

Purina Brand Cat Chow

Paper towels

Pop-up tissues

Zip-loc bags, all sizes

Liquid laundry detergent

Dawn brand dishwashing liquid

Strained baby food meat, vegetables, applesauce

Heating pads

 (without Automatic Shut-off)

Flannel baby receiving blankets

High quality bird seed mix and Sunflower seed

Toilet paper

Liquid Hand Soap

Cool Whip or Margarine plastic containers

Peanut Butter jar lids

Clorox Bleach


Simple Green



Tupperware containers with lids

Daisy Mats for perch material

Legal and letter size computer paper

Brooms, dust pans


All sizes of batteries