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        South Plains Wildlife 

Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Caring for Wildlife Since 1988

South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc. is in its 34th year of operation! 

SPWRC is the equivalent of a hospital for wildlife, therefore, 

our facilities are not open to the public. 

 SPWRC is now booking Environmental Education Programs!

We are licensed by Texas Parks & Wildlife, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and USDA, 

but we receive no funding, whatsoever, from any government agency.





Sizes: Youth Large to Adult 4X

Call (806) 799-2142

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Money Orders, and Cash

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How can I make a donation?

Mail checks to "SPWRC, Inc.," and send to:

3308 95th Street, Lubbock, TX 79423
Through PayPal – our email for PayPal is:  [email protected]

or use the above PayPal link.

Start a Facebook Fundraiser - or Other Fundraiser - Which Will Benefit SPWRC

Donate supplies direct from Amazon with the above link.

Ferruginous Hawk 

The Ferruginous Hawk was admitted to the Wildlife Center on December 5, 2022, from east Lubbock with a right wing, soft tissue injury.  The bird was placed on an anti-inflammatory medication and spent several weeks confined to the Aviary to restrict its movement.  When the swelling was reduced and sufficient movement in the wing returned, the bird was moved to the flight cage to rebuild strength in order to be released.  It received an early Christmas present by being released on

December 24, 2022.

You can follow SPWRC on our Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Great Horned Owl ​gets a Helping Hand


     We got a call from a rancher North of Shallowater, TX, about a Great-horned Owl caught in his fence. Daniel Andrews of SPWRC helped cut the owl out of the fence and brought it back to Lubbock. 


 We are very grateful to Dr. Tim Polk and vet tech Stuart Camp at Animal Medical Center. They had to anesthetize the owl to remove the embedded wire in his wing. She will be on antibiotics for about 10 days. 

     She has a mate waiting for her and was released back to her original location.

Thank you to everyone who helps us continue our twofold Mission of Wildlife Rehabilitation and Environmental Education!​


The South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has a twofold purpose:

  • To provide humane care and rehabilitation to orphaned, ill, injured and displaced wildlife and eventually release these animals back to the wild.
  • To provide environmental education, using a rational approach to appreciation and conservation of natural resources for future generations with an emphasis on wildlife as a natural resource.

South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc. is an IRS determined, 501(c)3 non-profit facility

that cares for orphaned, injured, ill, and displaced

wild animals with the ultimate goal of returning wildlife back

to its natural habitat whenever possible.

Our next

"Open House" Event

will be in the

Fall of 2023

Details will be posted on our web site and on social media

in the coming months

Our Electronic Front Gate Was Installed.

There is also a small similar walk-through gate on the section adjacent.

The focal point is a likeness of our front sign, complete with our Mockingbird logo!

A Northern Mockingbird was the inspiration for Carol Lee to start a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Lubbock in 1988. Thanks to our "anonymous donor" for the funds to create this! 

The Wildlife Center does not take domestic pets. 

(Cats/kittens, dogs/puppies, pet parrots, domestic rabbits, etc.)

How can SPWRC help you?

Where you located and what are your hours?

SPWRC is on Indiana Avenue at 95th Street behind the 80 ft. wall with a wildlife mural.

Our official address is 3308 95th Street Lubbock, TX 79423

The Wildlife Drop-Off building in our driveway is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is checked often by Volunteers and Staff during daylight hours only.

Wildlife dropped off after hours will be admitted the following morning.

Where do I go if I bring you an animal?

The Animal Drop-Off Building (pictured) is the point of entry for all wildlife admitted to SPWRC.  

Please fill out an admission slip with information about the animal and you (its rescuer) - this is only for our records, required annually by our regulating agencies.

If you can make a contribution to help care for our admissions, a Donation Box is located on the South Wall for your convenience.

During daylight hours, a buzzer will sound, and someone will come to get the animal. 

Weekends and after hours – fill out the admission slip and leave 

the animal in a secure box with ventilation or in one of the cages. 

Staff checks the building every morning and periodically throughout the day.

*Please do NOT try to enter the main property (past the electric gate) 

or go to the house at the front of the property.

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent the law allows.

South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit facility. 

What should I do if I find:

Wildlife Youngsters – When to Rescue

Baby Birds – Baby Birds 101
Cottontail Bunnies – Cottontail 101

How can I make a donation of supplies?

Take a look at our Wish List on the tab at the top of this page for needed supplies.

You may purchase items locally and bring to our Animal Drop-Off Building (95th & Indiana), or 

Access SPWRC Amazon Wish List – order from Amazon and have it delivered to us.

Can I visit SPWRC and see your animals?

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is not open to the public except during our Open House events.

Our animals are recuperating and need rest and quiet.
Our next Open House will be sometime in the Fall of 2023.

Details will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

Can I schedule an ​Environmental Education Program for a group?

A fee is required to schedule a program.  Funds raised support our operating and general expenses.

SPWRC receives no funding from Federal or State Agencies.

Call 806-799-2142 for more information.

How can I become a Volunteer?

Forms and Information is available under Volunteer Opportunities at the top of this page.

Adult Volunteers - Ages 18 and above

Junior Volunteers - Ages 12 to 17