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             The Cedar Waxwing - Some are in Lubbock Now

     A sleek and elegant winter visitor to our area is the Cedar Waxwing – a robin-sized bird with a mask and crest, and a dab of red that looks like sealing wax found on the tips of its secondary feathers - hence the name. I saw my first flock of them at our outdoor pond January 14th, 2019. Cedar Waxwings follow fruit, the mainstay of their winter diet. Voracious eaters, they seek out fruit and berries high in sugar content. When fruit is overripe it ferments, and if the waxwings consume too much of a good thing, they literally become intoxicated and fly erratically into glass doors, windows, and sometimes into cars. 

    For some, this results in death as a result of head trauma. Others simply knock themselves out and they’re brought in to the Wildlife Center. Many waxwings make a full recovery and after a day or two of rest and recuperation, they’re released again. They’re very easy to care for, and will almost immediately accept bits of grapes. They may appear for only a day or two, or stay around awhile, but enjoy them when they are around!



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Spring means "baby season" for birds and mammals and our workload peaks around mid-April until mid-September. July and August marks the period when many songbirds are having second clutches, and our census reaches its peak around that time.

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