South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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Baby Season is Underway!

If you find a young bird on the ground and don't know what to do, PLEASE READ Baby Birds 101 (click on the tab on the toolbar, above). It should answer most of your questions about when to rescue (or not) and how to differentiate between "rescue" and "kidnap." So many youngsters are picked up by well-meaning people, and this is what we hope to avoid through education.

We always need volunteers - not just for animal care, but to help with housekeeping chores - laundry, grounds maintenance, errands, food preparation, cleaning, etc. Call the Center at 806 799-2142 if you have even a few hours a week - or month - to volunteer.

We always need supplies 

Click on our Wish List on the toolbar above for a list of supplies

You can drop off items 24/7 in the Animal Drop Off building on the front of the property. Please leave your name, etc. so we can thank you and acknowledge your donations!



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Volunteer Opportunities above

We're open 24/7 and every day of the year from early morning until dusk. Things slow down in fall, but  we always need volunteers for animal care, housekeeping and yard work. Call us at 799-2142 if you have  even a few hours you can donate to help wildlife!

Spring means "baby season" for birds and mammals and our workload peaks around mid-April until mid-September. July and August marks the period when many songbirds are having second clutches, and our census reaches its peak around that time.

Plan A Birthday Party at the Wildlife Center!
Click on "More" on the toolbar on upper right, and scroll down to see several pages with Birthday Party information! Give the staff plenty of notice so they will be available and not off-site doing education programs.