South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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One of five Yellow-shafted Flickers raised from nestlings to adults in 2005. They were in a tree cavity nest when the entire tree was cut down in one of Lubbock's parks.

These birds were among the most memorable I ever raised.
They were released in June and were still returning several times a day until October! I knew they would all be successful in the wild when they started returning with dirt and mud all over their beaks - a sign they weren't only foraaging in tree bark, but also digging in dirt for bugs when on the ground. All five left together suddenly one fall day,  never to be seen again. I had every reason to believe all five made a very successful transition to the wild!

Another delightful bird to raise from nestling to adult was this Northern Oriole. These are feisty little birds, and this one flew up an inch or two with legs outstretched to "kick" all the other robins and other fledges away from the food dish when it was time for a handout. There was no doubt the oriole ruled the roost!

My passion was raising baby songbirds, which 

I did for over 25 years.

 I wouldn't trade those experiences for

anything, and can recall scores of heart-warming 

incidents and stories. All the good things outweighed

the sad cases of youngsters who failed to thrive, or

injured adults who didn't survive, despite the best

care we could provide. The thousands of


releases and happy endings are

what still keep us going, year after year.

Black-necked Stilt released on
one of Lubbock's playa lakes.