South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

3308 95th Street Lubbock, TX 79423 (806) 799-2142

Volunteer Policies 2016-17

The following guidelines are designed for the safety and well-being of all volunteers and visitors at SPWRC. Failure to abide by these policies may result in dismissal.

  • Volunteers are expected to contribute a minimum of 2 hours each month and attend volunteer meetings when held. Volunteers are expected to put their names on the schedule and show up when scheduled.
  • Work with wildlife is labor intensive. All work is for the benefit of animals, including: cleaning, maintenance, laundry, etc. Some duties require work outdoors. Depending on the season, outdoor duties will expose volunteers to hot or cold weather. 
  • Please arrive for all scheduled shifts on time and be ready to help. If you cannot make your shift due to illness or other circumstances, please give as much notice as possible so a replacement can be found in a timely manner. This is especially true in spring and summer.
  • Be courteous to the Center’s visitors, staff and volunteers at all times. Treat them with respect while talking on the phone or in person, even in difficult circumstances.
  • Dress for volunteers is casual (jeans, shorts in summer, tee shirts are acceptable) good sturdy shoes; flip flops and sandals are never permitted for safety reasons. Keep exposed skin to a minimum. No ripped or torn clothing. Please, no tee shirts with controversial or political messages. Please wear clean, casual, appropriate attire (nice jeans, slacks, shirts, blouses, etc.), to fundraisers, educational programs, and other events that represent the Center. Violators of the dress code policy will be asked to return home to change.
  • Do not bring others with you when you are scheduled to work. Children may not be brought to the Center with a volunteer.
  • Respect other volunteers and their property.
  • Please be quiet and remember that animals are at the Wildlife Center for care. Do not wear perfume, scented lotions. Aside from consideration for the animals, many people have allergies to strong scents, and what is pleasant to one person may be offensive to someone else.
  • DO NOT pick up any feathers you may find on the grounds. State and federal laws protect virtually all birds, their feathers, nests, eggs, and parts. Individuals taking feathers can be sentenced to fines and a jail sentence as well.
  • No radios in the animal care areas. Please keep cell phones on vibrate. If you must talk on your cell phone during your shift, do so outdoors and away from our animals.
  • Wear earth tone clothes…no bright neons, gaudy accessories. Try to blend in with a quiet, tranquil environment that will help our captive animals recuperate.
  • All requests for educational programs should be referred to Gail Barnes. Volunteers interested in helping with educational programs should contact Gail.
  • SPWRC is not open to the public, but if a visitor arrives, take them to one of our regular staff members or volunteers. Sometimes people just “show up” but they may be bringing a donation or an offering to help in some way.
  • Volunteers may not use the Wildlife Center’s phone or computer for personal use. Personal calls must be limited to a few minutes.
  • Volunteers will answer the telephone with “Wildlife Center, this is (your name), how can I help you?”
  • No volunteer will handle or clean cages of rabies vector species, including the fox, bobcat, raccoon, skunk or bat unless they get rabies shots (at their own expense) and maintain regular boosters and/or blood titers.
  • Volunteers will not gossip or undermine each other’s efforts. They will also keep matters concerning the Wildlife Center in confidence.
  • Volunteers must realize that difficult decisions are made regarding euthanasia, care or release of some animals and experienced volunteers will make those decisions.
  • There is to be NO smoking on the property or in any of the buildings.

Remember, the Wildlife Center is not open to the public

Our animals need their privacy for recuperation.

Have fun and love what you do!


If you'd like to volunteer and are 18 years or older - or would like to be a Junior Volunteer - (age 12 - 17please download and fill out the following 


before coming in:


Adult Volunteer Information

Adult Waiver

Junior Volunteer program is FULL for this summer

You can submit an application and it will be onfile for Summer 2019

JV Application

JV Waiver

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Policies - Our policies were updated August, 2017

See the box above, read through them carefully before you decide to volunteer

Call Director Gail Barnes if you would like to volunteer or have  

court -ordered 'Community Service' hours to fulfill  

806 799-2142



Our busiest seasons are spring and summer, but we need volunteers year-round!